Club Requirements

House Rules

  1. The Club shall not be responsible for the loss of property or any other loss sustained by members or their guests while on Club premises.
  2. Club members must not interfere with employees or reprimand them.  All complaints or suggestions should be made to the Manager.
  3. Members are required to make all suggestions or complaints in writing – addressed to the Board of Directors.
  4. Members, guests and visitors who destroy or damage Club property will be charged for such damage and destruction as the Directors order.
  5. No notices, subscriptions, papers or petitions, except those pertaining to the Club affairs, shall be posted or circulated in the Club.
  6. Employees of the Club are not expected to police the Club.  It is the responsibility of the respective members of Long Beach Country Club to acquaint others with the House Rules should they observe any violations.
  7. There shall be no parking of cars on any roads or grounds surrounding the Club House, other than in the parking provided.
  8. It shall be the duty of the Manager to report any violation of rules to the Board of Directors.
  9. The cashing of members’ checks shall be limited to the amount of $50 in any one day.  No checks will be cashed for guests unless endorsed by a member.  All returned checks will result in a $25 fee to be billed to the member’s account.
  10. Children are not allowed to loiter in locker rooms.
  11. Any matter not specifically covered by rules, may be handled as the occasion arises by the Manager.
  12. The Club will supply any/all food and beverages for any/all occasions, with the exception of special occasion cakes.  No member or guest may bring any food or beverage into the Club or on to Club property.
  13. For the convenience of all concerned, the management requests that reservations be made for all functions.  Parties who fail to do so, will be subject to delay or acceptance dependent upon capacity of our facilities.  Designated dining and social events that are “high demand” will have a 24-hour cancellation policy in effect.  Members who no-show or cancel with less than 24 hours notice prior to the start of the event will be charged the event cost per person times the number of people in the reservation.  Children ages 5-12 will be charged per event pricing, as well.  To avoid this charge, members must cancel more than 24 hours prior to the start of the event.  This will enable the club to accommodate more members off the waiting list.
  14. No reservations will be made for a member who has previously made reservations and failed to keep them or cancelled same.  The club will no longer honor reservations for those arriving more than a half hour late.  Management will do their best to accommodate those who arrive more than a half hour late for their reservation.
  15. All members are responsible for the actions of their children and guests.  Parents or people bringing children to the Club House or Club events must keep them in their immediate presence and under their control.
  16. All members who use the locker and shower rooms must before and after using showers, wear an outer garment such as a bathrobe or towel, etc.
  17. All members who use the golf course, lockers and shoe shining facilities are assigned a locker for their use at the regular fee.  All lockers are assigned on an individual basis and no two or more members shall occupy the same locker.
  18. Golf bags are not allowed in the lockers.
  19. Metal spiked golf shoes are not allowed in the Club House or on the course.
  20. Children and Junior Members under twenty-one years of age, are not permitted to sit at any bar on club property.
  21. Ladies are not allowed in the men’s locker room at any time and vice versa.
  22. Other country club charges, made by members in other country clubs, must be paid upon receipt of statement.
  23. No cash will be advanced to members and charged to their accounts.
  24. All members are requested to comply with the non-smoking policy of the Club.  Smoking is only permitted in the pub and outside bar area.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

As a provider of alcoholic beverages, the Club and its employees have a potential liability if a lawsuit is filed as a result of improper conduct by a member or guest who has been served at the Club.  As a result, the Board of Directors has adopted the following Statement of Policy as to the service of alcoholic beverages to members and their guests.  The Board urges each member to become familiar with this policy and support the staff in its enforcement.

It is the policy of the Long Beach Country Club that all employees participating in the sale or service of alcoholic beverages be specifically directed to:

  1. Study and become familiar with all available material designed to enable them to detect evidences of intoxication of members or guests and to avoid serving intoxicated people.

  2. Refuse to supply alcoholic beverages to any member or guest who appears to be intoxicated or on the verge of becoming intoxicated.

  3. Offer to find a driver for any intoxicated member or guest attempting to leave the Club.

  4. Report to the Club Manager any incident involving intoxication on Club property; including, but not limited to, any member or guest who reprimands or abuses any employee for failure to supply alcoholic beverages to any member or guest who, in the judgment of an appropriate Club staff member, has or appears to have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol.

The Club Manager will instruct the appropriate staff members as to their authority to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any member or guest who appears to be intoxicated or on the verge of becoming intoxicated.  In the event a member disagrees with a staff member’s decision to refuse service of alcoholic beverages, he shall so advise the Club Manager within twenty-four hours thereafter.  The Club Manager will review with the member who requests that review, the staff member and the Board of Directors.

Golfing Fees

Guest Green Fees
Regular Season - Memorial Day through Labor Day

Family Members $35
Family includes children, parents, in-laws, grandparents and grandchildren.
Guests $60
Monday - Thursday during regular season
Guests $75
Friday through Sunday & holidays during regular season
Guests $50
Off season (May 1 - May 24; September 3 - season end)
Guests $125
Without a member in the foursome as approved, plus cart required
Clergy $35
Junior Guests $15
With a member (ages 18 and under)

Golf Cart Rental Fees
Sales tax not included

  18 Holes 9 Holes
Two Individuals $40 $30
One Individual $20 $15
Sharing a member-owned cart
One Individual - Alone $20 $15
Annual Cart Plan $900
Includes Member and Spouse

Member-Owned Carts

Annual Trail Fee $450
Per member fee for multiple cart ownership.
Cart owner(s) must provide a certificate of insurance.

Other Golf-Related Fees

Annual Locker Fee $50
Annual Practice Range Fee $25
All golfing members  
Annual Locker Room Services Fee $40
All golfing members  
Annual Club Storage Fee $95
Lessons with Golf Professional $75
Lessons with Assistant Golf Professional $60
Junior Golf Program $100 (per child)

Golf Course Regulations

The regular golf season begins on Memorial Day Weekend and continues through Labor Day.


  1. All golfing guests must be registered at the Pro Shop and pay the specified green fees.
  2. All official golf events are limited to members.
  3. Guests shall not be privileged to play more than four (4) times within any calendar year.
  4. Members are responsible for the payment of fees or charges of their guests, and their conduct on the course and in the Club House.
  5. No group involving more than two guests shall tee off before 10:30 a.m. on weekends and holidays.
  6. Groups of more than eight (8) guests must have prior approval of the Board of Directors.


  1. All handicaps determined by Chicago District Golf Association.
  2. All members shall post scores and adjust for equitable stroke control.

Outing Policy:

  1. Member sponsored outings: Defined as outing in which the member will be playing and be billed for on his/her own LBCC account.
  2. Fees: To be same as guest fee per player for the season to which the outing will be played.
  3. Non-Member Outings: Defined as outings billed to non-members.  Fees as follows: $75 per player $25 per player for cart fees.
  4. All outing participants must use carts.
  5. All food and beverage and tee gifts must be purchased through LBCC unless preapproved by LBCC Board of Directors.
  6. Outings to be played on Mondays or with exclusive use of LBCC must have (or pay for) a minimum of 72 players.
  7. Final count and minimal billing charges will be posted two weeks prior to outing.  This will be the minimum fee charged for the outing (non refundable).  The Club Manager and Golf Professional must approve additions to player count.  No cancellations will be allowed after posting date.  Only rescheduling due to inclement weather ordered by Golf Course Superintendent will be allowed after posting date.

Green Committee Rules:

  1. It is the duty of each member to keep the course in good condition and to that end, particular care must be taken to see that deep divots are immediately replaced and pressed down.  Shallow divots must be filled with the sand/seed mixture.
  2. Bottles, cans, paper, cigarette/cigar butts and other waste material, must not be thrown on the course but deposited in the receptacles provided.
  3. Automobiles must not be driven on the course, except on official business.
  4. If the course is in a condition where it might be subject to damage if played, it may be closed for a period at the discretion of the Green Committee.
  5. Children are never permitted to play on, or to cross over, the golf course.
  6. Firearms are not to be used on the course.
  7. Dogs and other animals are not permitted on the grounds.
  8. Golf carts are not to be driven on or across the tees, greens, or through sand traps.  (Golf cart rules are detailed in the next section.)
  9. No practicing on fairways or greens.
  10. No hitting of practice shots to any green or from any tee.
  11. No hitting practice shots from sand bunkers.

Golf Carts:

  1. The use and operation of all golf carts are to be under the supervision of the Green Committee and Golf Professional.
  2. Carts will be rented to the members at a charge established by the Club Professional and approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. Privately owned golf carts will be permitted at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Use on the golf course will be subject to trail fee charges at the established rate.  Rates for storage, maintenance and repair will be established by the Board of Directors.
  4. The Board of Directors shall from time to time, review the number of carts in operation and may change these policies for the best interest of the Club.
  5. Members owning golf carts shall have their insurance company advise the Board of Directors by letter, that they have in effect, a policy having a minimum $100,000 per person liability insurance in connection with the use and operation of such cart.
  6. The Green Committee and/or Superintendent shall determine when the course is not suitable for cart operation, and signs will be posted to this effect in the Pro Shop and on the first tee.  All members will strictly adhere to the decision of the Green Committee and/or Superintendent.
  7. No more than two people shall ride in a cart.
  8. All carts must be driven on cart paths where available.
  9. Carts must be driven on the cart paths in the area of a green.  Each green area has been marked by bollards.  No cart shall be driven in the area between the bollards and the green, or closer to the green, unless on a cart path.
  10. No child without a valid driver’s license will be permitted to use a golf cart at any time.
  11. There shall not be more than two carts to a foursome.
  12. No cart may be used with less than an eight inch (8”) wide tire tread.

Golf Etiquette

Please observe the following rules and regulations:
  1. No more than four players in one group (unless authorized by the Golf Professional).
  2. Allow faster players to play through.
  3. Twosomes will be discouraged on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  Golf shop staff has prerogative of combining twosomes or single to make a foursome.
  4. All players must register in the Pro Shop and begin play from the first tee.  There is no exception, unless authorized by the Golf Professional or his assistant, who are our official starters.
  5. Reserved starting times may be made for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the regular season.  Reservations start at 7:00 a.m.  Reservations may be made by phone or in person at the Pro Shop beginning the Thursday morning preceding the weekend.
  6. Replace all divots or fill shallow divots with the sand/seed mixture.
  7. Repair all ball marks on greens, not just the ball mark you made.
  8. Rake bunkers.

Soft Spikes Only

  1. LBCC is a “soft spikes only” golf course.  Wearing steel spiked shoes is prohibited.
  2. It is the members’ responsibility to insure they and their guests conform to this rule.

Lightning Policy

  1. Spring and summertime rains produce strong and fast moving thunderstorm activity. Due to the prevalence of these storms, the following Club policy has been established.  If you see lightning or hear thunder while you are playing golf or on the club grounds, it is the Club’s recommendation to leave the course or grounds and return to the Club House for shelter.

Swimming Pool Rules

  1. All bathers should take a soap shower, before entering pool. (State law)
  2. No person with evidence of any disease, or with any bandage, should be allowed in the pool. (State law)
  3. Users of sun tan oils and lotions should wash these off thoroughly before swimming.
  4. No food, gum, or tobacco will be allowed on the pool deck.  Beverages will only be permitted in the pool area if served in plastic.
  5. Children allowed on adult deck only when accompanied by a parent.
  6. No running in the pool area.
  7. All guests must be accompanied by a member, or a person in the member’s family.
  8. All guests must be registered with the pool attendant or lifeguard.   Guest charges will be billed with the regular monthly billing and at the following rate:
    • $5 per guest per day (adult or child).
  9. Guest fees must be signed by the member.
  10. Babysitters (non-members) will be considered member’s guest.
  11. Any member’s children, unmarried but under twenty-three (23) years of age and living at home, shall enjoy pool privileges (Article VII, Section 2.2)
  12. Members’ sons and daughters (and their spouses), 23 years of age and over, will be treated as member’s guests. (See #11)
  13. Children who have not completed first grade, must be accompanied by a parent or authorized older person while swimming in pool area.  An authorized older person is 15 years old or over.
  14. Children under 15 are not permitted to use the locker room facilities in the main building.
  15. Children under 15 years of age are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by a bathing parent.
  16. The pool supervisor and lifeguards will have complete authority in maintaining discipline and enforcing pool regulations, and he (or she) may expel anybody who disregards these rules.
  17. The Club assumes no responsibility for the personal property of those using the pool.
  18. All persons using the swimming pool and its equipment do so at their own risk.  The LBCC assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered by persons in or about the swimming pool or other property of the Club.
  19. Please check your monthly calendar for pool operating hours.
  20. The use of the pool is positively forbidden when no lifeguard is on duty.
  21. At its discretion, the Club reserves the right to change or add to these regulations at any time.
  22. Should extenuating circumstances exist, prohibiting adherence to stated rules, member must submit a written letter to the Board of Directors for consideration.
  23. Persons having a considerable area of exposed sub-epidermal tissue, open blisters, cuts, etc., shall be warned that areas are likely to become infected, and advised not to use the pool.
  24. The pool will close after 4:00 pm when the outside temperature falls below 70 degrees.
  25. Shoes or sandals must be worn on the upper deck area.  The club will not be responsible for any cuts or lacerations to the feet from glass or china.

House Dress Code

Dining Room

  1. Proper attire is requested in dining areas at all times.
  2. Following are examples of improper attire at the Club:
    • Cut-off jeans, faded and patched jeans, short shorts, athletic type shorts and jogging clothes.
    • Tank tops, swim suits and halter tops.
  3. Caps are not permitted in the Main Dining Room.

Golf Course

  1. Men and junior males must wear slacks or shorts, golf shirts (must have collars and sleeves) and approved shoes.  Cut-offs, blue jeans, sweat pants, short shorts, running or athletic shorts, swim suits, tank tops, t-shirts, undershirts and crop tops are not permitted.  Blue jeans will be permitted until the Friday before May 1st and after October 1st.
  2. Women and junior females must wear skirts, shorts, slacks, shirts or tops, and approved shoes.  Halter tops, tube tops, crop tops, short shorts, cut-offs, swim wear, athletic or running shorts, and blue jeans are not permitted.  Blue jeans will be permitted before May 1st and after October 1st.